Electrical / Technical Services

Legacy Electrical, a division of Legacy Wireless Services, Inc., is a licensed electrical contractor in Oregon and Washington. Legacy Electrical works independently with public and private clients, as well as a support to Legacy Wireless Services' Construction Division.

Legacy Electrical offers a wide range of electrical experience to the telecom industry. From rawland and colocation sites, to rooftop and tenant improvements, Legacy Electrical offers fast reliable service to customers at a competitive price. The goal is to provide quality installations with projects completed in a timely fashion.

Legacy Electrical can provide highly trained and qualified personnel from management to journeyman electricians and apprentices.  Our technical services staff is skilled at a number of installation, upgrade, and testing projects.

Electrical Construction

  • Electrical Services

  • Telco Installation

  • Grounding Systems


  • Rectifier Installations

  • AC/DC Systems

  • Quality Control

  • Rectifier Installations

  • Security Lighting

  • Vandalism Repair

  • Weather Related Repair

  • Site Audits

Radio Installations

  • RF Radios (Lucent, Motorola, Nortel)

  • Microwave Radios (Lynx, Harris)

Testing and Turn-Up of Equipment

  •  Microwave-Path Aligner Testing

  •  Equipment Jumper and Full System-Sweep Testing

Equipment Change-Out & Upgrades

  • Precise Coordination and Preparation (Insures minimal down time during equipment change outs and upgrades)

DC Power Installations, Upgrades, & Testing

  • Rectifier and Battery Systems (24 volt and 48 volt systems) (Marconi, C&D, Douglas, Northstars)

  • Thermographic Testing of all DC Connections and Breakers

Telco Installation Projects

  • NIU Coordination and Placement

  • DSX and Telco Interface Installations

  • T-1 Testing

Alarm Installations & Testing

  • Intrusion and Tech on Site Alarming

  • High and Low Temp Alarming

  • Power Bay, Breaker, and Rectifier Alarming

  • AC Fail Alarming

  • Generator and Low Fuel Alarming

  • Smoke Detector Alarming

  • HVAC Alarming

Grounding System Installations

  • Grounding Halo Installations and Upgrading

  • Grounding System Testing

  • Ground System Surveys (insures compliance with R-56, and/or your own internal standards.)

Equipment Installation & Commissioning

  • Radio, battery, rectifier